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Freeway and recent versions of macOS

Freeway is a 32-bit application. It won't run under the latest versions of macOS (from Catalina onwards) because Apple have dropped support for 32-bit applications and have abandoned many of the system APIs that Freeway uses.

We have developed Xway as a replacement for Freeway.

Development of Xway is progressing apace, but it's going to take a while before it is a complete replacement for Freeway 7. There could be a transitional period in which you may want to keep Mojave on a separate partition for when you need to run Freeway 7 (or other 32-bit software).

Another option is to run Mojave in a VM, such as VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop.

Forget about the code. Focus on design.

  • Easily design professional and mobile-friendly websites
  • Quickly translate your original print layout into interactive content for the web
  • Power up your online presence with key features from ecommerce to accessibility
  • Develop content for newsletters, presentations, intranet and more
  • With our bundle package, create your own style with responsive templates, and gorgeous galleries
  • Lean on the comprehensive support of FAQs, tutorials, the community, and our helpdesk

Freeway for Mac has been developed to make designing sophisticated and standards-based websites easy. With a streamlined interface that’s just like using your favorite image editing application, we make it easy for you to create HTML content without having to touch a line of code.

Create original material in Freeway Pro

“Freeway saves my company an enormous amount of time and money, both in development and client proofing.”



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Feel the freedom with Freeway

iPhoneCreate websites for all devices and situations (new)

Never miss a customer again. New to Freeway 7, you can make your websites respond and adapt to the device used to look at them. Whether it’s a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, you can make sure your visitors are getting exactly the experience you want.

Watch the money roll in

Set up shop with Freeway’s built in ecommerce tools, get paid for placing ads on your sites, and earn from Amazon Associates with minimal effort.

Eight responsive templates included (new)

The templates included in Freeway are now fully responsive. Useful as a starting point or a learning tool.

Master pages

Master pages, which are just like templates for the pages within your site, will stop you having to recreate common elements over and over again.

menuAutomatic navigation menus (new)

Navigation menus can now be automatically generated based on the pages and folders in your site. All you need to do is say how you want them to look and Freeway will handle the rest.

Intelligent & secure uploads

When you upload, Freeway only uploads what's necessary. Saving you precious time and bandwidth.

serpsImprove your search engine and social reach (new)

Optimizing your sites for the major search engines and social network sites is simpler than ever. Content is still king, but new features added in 7 will give your sites an added push to increase your reach.

Custom forms

Hear from your visitors by creating completely custom contact forms, styled the way you like.

tableBeautiful data tables (new)

It's now possible to make your data tables look as gorgeous as the rest of your website, without having to rely on custom CSS.

Easily add custom code

Got some code you want to add to your site? No problem, you can add any code you want, whether it's PHP, JavaScript, CSS or just straight markup.

stopwatchProductivity enhancements (new)

We've focussed on improving your productivity and efficiency by adding new shortcuts for repetitive tasks, streamlining lengthy operations, and making it possible to completely change all existing shortcuts.

Site management

Freeway manages your pages, folders, colors, styles, and links. Leaving you to get on with the stuff that matters.

Import professional image types

You can import images from the most popular image editing applications right into Freeway, saving you a ton of time from Save for Web.

High-DPI output

Create sites that look incredible on high-DPI devices and displays with no extra effort.

Site stats

Get the scoop on how your visitors are using your site to improve funnels and increase conversions.

Hundreds of third-party plugins

Do more by extending Freeway. Download and install from hundreds of (mostly free) third-party plugins.

Accessibility report

Find out if your text is too light, your images are missing important alt text, or if you need to space things further apart.

Social sharing

Help spread your message. Quickly add sharing buttons from the most popular social networks to your site.

International sites

Create sites in any language, including right to left languages.

Visitor comments

Easily add visitor comments to your sites to encourage engagement and improve visibility.

Site search

Add a search facility to any site made with Freeway.