Xway is our next-generation program for visual web design. It is an entirely new 64-bit Swift/Cocoa application that has been written using modern development tools. Xway will run on Apple’s latest version of macOS (and on earlier versions of macOS going back to 10.13).

Xway is inspired by Freeway, but we have redesigned its features to reflect the fact that the Web is a very different environment than it was when Freeway debuted (over twenty years ago).

Someday Xway will be a complete replacement for Freeway, but we haven't reached that point yet. That said, Xway can already be used to create modern professional web sites within a visual design environment that closely matches the way that pages are displayed on the Web.

Build the tutorial site and experiment with your own designs. Xway has arrived: ENJOY!

Built for HTML and CSS from the ground up.

Unlimited undo and redo.

Webfont support, e.g. Google Fonts and Typekit.

Multiple selection and editing.

Dark-mode support.

Single window interface with tabs.

Template pages for quick page creation.

High-resolution user interface for Retina displays.