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Xway is our next-generation program for visual web design. Created by the same team that created Freeway, Xway is an entirely new 64-bit (Swift/Cocoa) application that has been written using modern development tools. Xway will run on Apple’s latest version of macOS.

The design philosophy behind Xway is “Like Freeway but better,” so we have developed Xway to incorporate what we’ve learned about web design over twenty years from our loyal user base.

Our intention is for Xway to become a complete replacement for Freeway, but we haven’t reached that point yet. Xway can already be used to create modern professional web sites within a visual design environment that closely matches the way that pages are displayed on the Web, and we will rapidly be adding new features and functionality.

We will be releasing a public beta version of this exciting new software for you to enjoy in just a few weeks.

For information on Freeway and Catalina, please see our important announcement.



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