Sharper. Clearer. Better.

Create high-definition web galleries and slideshows
with Exhibeo for Mac.

Download can be used as free trial. Requires Mac OS 10.7.5+


Packed with NEW features.
still as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Using Exhibeo is simple. Drop in your images, select a theme, publish.
There’s no coding required and each theme has heaps of options to choose from. Read on to find out more.

Built for Retina Macs

Optimized for Retina displays

Exhibeo does everything in high-resolution, from creation to display. Prepare yourself for the sharpest results you’ve ever seen.

Resize thumbnails and images

Thumbnails and images can be manually resized in Exhibeo, making it even easier to design web galleries and slideshows to fit any space on your websites.


Responsive Layouts

Exhibeo’s theme designs are responsive so they grow and shrink to fit different browsers and devices – perfect for showing your photos at their best, wherever they’re viewed.

Exhibeo’s output can be used on any website – just copy/paste the markup and upload the files.

Freeway users benefit from quick publishing – just select your gallery file and Freeway will do the rest!

actionDownload the Freeway Action

Use anywhere or quick publish to Freeway


Meet the


Exhibeo comes with six gorgeous themes, suitable for many situations.

See them in action here.

Download can be used as free trial. Requires Mac OS 10.7.5+