Can I Import Existing Sites into Freeway?

25th of September, 2008

The short answer is, no – not directly. This doesn't mean should stop right there though, continue reading to find out what you can do.

Freeway has been designed as an HTML generator rather than an HTML editor. This means that your design in Freeway isn't HTML, it's a format that we've created that allows items to be moved around the page without having to think about the structure that is usually required in HTML just to make items appear in different places on the page!

When you publish your site the HTML code will be generated automatically for you. This means that the code is clean and standards compliant all the time. Note: some third party Actions can invalidate the code on your pages.

This is a huge benefit since it means that sites can easily be created visually with the ability to make changes and view them quickly without needing to think about the code. On the other end of that benefit is HTML import. Because Freeway doesn't deal with HTML directly it's difficult for it to read imported HTML and translate them into Freeway operable items.

Freeway Pro users can use the "Get HTML" option in the File menu to do this. Depending upon the code in the page your site will come in perfectly or require little editing to make it right, or it will need so much editing that the page would be easier to recreate from scratch.

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