Built-in Action Updates

21st of May, 2021

Here you will find built-in Actions that have been updated since Freeway Pro 7.1.4. This page contains information about what has been updated in these Actions and the downloads for these updated versions can be found in the Attachments section towards the bottom of the page.

To install these updates, download the attachments below. Extract the archive if your browser hasn't done that already, then double click on the Action or drag it to the Freeway application on the Dock and you will be asked to install the Action. Once installed, you will get a notice that duplicate Actions have been disabled, this is telling you that the built-in Actions have been disabled in favor of the newer ones you have just installed.

Form Suite: (Send Form Action)
Google Suite: (Google Maps Action)
  • Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for Google resources
Standard: (Target Show/Hide Layer Action)
  • Use HTTPS instead of HTTP for Google resources

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