Freeway 7.1.4 Release Notes

31st of January, 2017

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

  • Language, Check, and Range popups work in Spelling and Find dialogs
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when custom font sets are used in media styles
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when switching to a master page
  • Edit URLs dirties pages so they are republished correctly
  • Large background images use less memory and display faster
  • Fixed a problem that could cause percentage-width SVG graphics to be output with pixel widths
  • Fixed a problem that could cause pages to have incorrect widths after reapplying master settings
  • Prevented a hang that could occur when pressing Alt+Left-Arrow
  • Fixed a situation in which Left-arrow failed to move the cursor
  • Option+Left/Right-arrow doesn't ignore paragraph endings when skipping words
  • Cocoa dialogs don't forget their sizes in 10.11

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