Exhibeo 2.0 Release Notes

5th of May, 2016

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

  • Slide transition animations are reversed when navigating backwards
  • Bloxx's initial thumbnail is now responsive
  • Focus's initial thumbnail is now responsive
  • Add options to Bloxx for changing thumbnail border size/color and large image border size
  • Add options to Slide for turning off and autohiding captions
  • Add options for more controls in Slide exports
  • While cropping a thumbnail or large image, it is now possible to use the arrow keys to switch image without exiting cropping
  • The crop size can be locked by holding Command+Shift, allowing the offset and scale to be changed without affecting crop size
  • The crop aspect ratio can be locked by holding Option+Shift, allowing the offset and scale to be changed without affecting crop aspect ratio
  • Add the ability to scale and trim images and thumbnails for themes that use it
  • Added the ability to match all thumbnail sizes to that of a selected thumbnail
  • Added the ability to save an archive of a document, collecting the images and document together
  • Add Scale and Trim to Slide as an option, which new documents default to
  • Add option to create thumbnail-only galleries with Bloxx and Thumblie
  • A serial number may now be entered at any point after running the application
  • Added the PhotoSwipe theme
  • Create a Document Settings section for settings that apply to all themes
  • Add a document setting for opening links in a new window
  • Add a document setting for HTML ID to allow multiple galleries to be used alongside each other more easily
  • Allow pass-through for imported images
  • Optionally remove geolocation from images when using pass-through
  • Add menu options for importing filename or image metadata into item titles/descriptions
  • Add options to disable Bloxx titles and/or captions
  • Added new transitions Ken Burns Effect, Parallax, and Step to Slide
  • Added touch controls to Slide
  • Added a list view for easy editing of metadata
  • Add a toolbar for basic functions
  • Fixed a spacing issue with captions in Slide
  • The Non-App Store version of Exhibeo is now able to import read-only images correctly
  • Carriage returns/newlines will now be dealt with properly for descriptions and can be typed into the description field
  • Link URLs that are partially encoded or not encoded will now be properly encoded for export
  • Made Focus theme's controls sharper on retina screens
  • Fixed an issue which could allow the Preview panel to be seen after resizing the window with the Images view shown
  • Fixed a problem that would cause link URLs not to be saved if containing spaces
  • Fixed Showtime thumbs at smaller screen sizes
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Show Thumbnails option being saved in the document
  • Increased width of Slide "Titles & Captions" Position menu
  • Fixed local preview in Focus
  • The Fold transition in Slide now works correctly across all modern browsers
  • Showtime images now respect height of container item
  • Bloxx thumbnail titles no longer get cut off when thumbs have rounded corners
  • Bloxx header text now stays vertically centered in header when resized
  • Document save panel now correctly records its last location for use with subsequent saves
  • Fixed an issues with thumbnails not displaying properly during a drag on Retina screens
  • Fixed an issue with the controls disappearing if resizing the window while cropping a thumbnail
  • Fixed an issue that could cause thumbnails to not appear during a drag after moving the window from one screen to another
  • Pasted images, e.g. those originating from a web browser, no longer appear as importable while dragging
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Slide documents to be immediately edited when opened
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the correct cursor being shown over theme settings headers
  • The large image is now shown in a way similar to thumbnail cropping
  • Moved the title, description and hyperlink to a popover that can be shown in Images view.
  • Find images relative to the document, allowing documents to be used across different machines
  • Move the Image Behavior in Browser setting to the Document Settings section
  • Added Shift+Return shortcut for thumbnail cropping in thumbnail view
  • Made the HTML embed code in themes simpler
  • Restored shorter animation times from early versions of Exhibeo
  • Increased the minimum system version to 10.10
  • The Previous/Next Thumbnail/Image menu items and shortcuts have been removed with arrow keys allowing free movement while cropping
  • The Import Images and Export to HTML shortcuts have been changed to cmd+shift+i and cmd+shift+e respectively
  • Changed the selection behaviour of the images view when holding shift and using the arrow keys to be consistent with the metadata view

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