Freeway 7.0.0 Release Notes

28th of July, 2014

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

  • Added support for media types and widths
  • Added responsive support to the CSS Menus Action
  • Added the Better Meta Action for adding SEO and social media meta data to pages
  • The CSS Menus now supports automatic menu generation
  • Added an Action for advanced styling of tables
  • figure, figcaption, and main are available as CSS box types
  • The Google Analytics Action now supports Universal Analytics
  • Style names can contain hyphens
  • The current panel in the Inspector Palette can be changed using Command-1, Command-2 etc.
  • Added Next/Previous Page menu options to the View menu
  • Added View menu options with keyboard shortcuts which allow selection of the next/previous sibling box, and the ancestor/first descendant element.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a document contains bad file information
  • Extra lines are no longer added in the output after code entered in markup dialogs
  • Fixed an issue in the French localization, displaying c and C instead of quotation marks around the document title during upload
  • Fixed a problem where styles were removed from lists when links were changed within them
  • Fixed a problem where overtyping text with a paragraph style applied generated a temporary style
  • Fixed a problem that could cause CSS Menu Submenus to appear behind other content
  • Fixed a problem that could cause CSS Menus submenus to appear incorrectly in IE7
  • The Create Email Action now respects pages that have been set as flexible (no width)
  • The CSS Menus Action now supports setting the currently selected page to bold
  • Action markup sections are no longer limited to 32K
  • Added fwMediaTypes property to FWDocument
  • Added fwMediaTypesUpdated as an Actions callback for when the media types in the document are changed from the Customize Media dialog
  • Added fwCurrentMediaType property to FWDocument
  • Made it easier to select parent items when child items are snug to a parental edge - child items are no longer selected if the click is registered outside the bounds of a parent and the child is completely encompassed by the parent.
  • Freeway doesn't crash when you click on a File Upload field in the Preview view
  • Use Master Settings for pages restores style sheets correctly
  • Fixed a situation where a copied layer graphic item was pasted back as a table-positioned item
  • HTML5 video isn't placed behind other content on the page
  • Freeway doesn't generate invalid HTML by nesting anchors
  • Fixed a situation where Freeway published duplicate anchors
  • Fixed a situation where map areas were output incorrectly
  • Freeway doesn't discard clear settings when pasting inflow items
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when a link and anchor were applied to a box
  • "Fit Box To Content" causes pass-through graphics and videos to be displayed at their natural size
  • High-resolution pass-through graphics don't get scaled to fractional dimensions
  • Pass-through images are scaled (rather than cropped) if their max-width is less than the width of the image
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting a page that is displayed in Freeway's internal Preview
  • Videos aren't cropped after resizing and undoing
  • Fixed a problem that could prevent a page from an old document being displayed or published
  • Freeway adjusts the size of pass-through content boxes when pasting content copied from within Freeway
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when dragging a Bezier handle
  • Fixed a bug where color changes did not dirty elements using the color in link styles
  • File naming for non-passthrough background images is consistent with file naming for pass-through background images
  • Freeway doesn't output tags for unstyled inline Actions
  • Duplicating in-flow items in the Site panel doesn't convert them to non-inflow items
  • Inline items (apart from HTML items) are always CSS items (and not table-positioned items)
  • Freeway does not allow anchors to be used on submit images
  • Freeway doesn't generate invalid HTML by nesting image maps within anchors
  • CSS styling is output for inline markup items
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when pasting HTML or RTF text
  • Freeway doesn't crash when reverting a document while a list control is displayed
  • The Measurements section of the Inspector palette doesn't show fractional pixel values for inflow items
  • Command-N shortcut restored to appropriate dialogs for creating a new entry in a table. Command-Enter also added as a shortcut to OK the dialogs (where appropriate).
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when pasting items with a folder selected in the Site panel
  • Fixed a crash that could occur while validating Actions before publishing
  • View tabs (for media and master/page/preview etc.) are drawn and erased properly
  • Fixed a situation in which Action files could be HTML-dirtied unnecessarily
  • Background images default to high resolution if "Output high-resolution graphics" is selected in Document Setup
  • Fixed a master-instance problem that could cause a crash or prevent a file from being saved
  • Corner mounts aren't drawn on hidden items
  • Combined graphic outlines aren't drawn on hidden items
  • Added an External Link menu option with shortcut which opens the Edit Hyperlink dialog with the External Panel selected
  • Fixed an issue where extra items were drawn when dragging pages out of the site panel
  • Importing a pass-through graphic into an inflow item doesn't create an extra paragraph
  • Instances of images that are dragged onto a master page have correct settings
  • Non-global shadow angles work
  • Setting an unpublished item to publish dirties the page
  • Extended attributes are output on Action items
  • Freeway doesn't keep adding empty paragraphs after inflow boxes when converting between HTML and GIF
  • Pages don't have "Use Master Settings" turned off if they are created by dragging a master page in the Site panel
  • New pages that are created by dragging a master page in the Site panel don't default to having the same name as the master
  • Percentage-width children of available-width items are calculated correctly
  • Inflow items are output without "position:relative" if they don't have any children
  • Freeway supports fractional percentage values
  • Pass-through graphics are scaled when their box is resized
  • Defined width or height overrides the high-resolution option for pass-through graphics
  • Hidden/unpublished items are displayed with a cross in the Site panel
  • Added a menu option for Add Action to the Edit menu
  • Added Custom Padding and Custom Margin options to the Item menu
  • Added shortcuts for Edit Styles and Document Setup
  • Items are drawn in full when they are being dragged
  • The default browser compatibility level for new documents is now IE8
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Insert > HTML Item and Insert > Graphic Item
  • Inflow items can be shown or hidden (and are output accordingly)

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