Freeway 6.1.0 Release Notes

6th of August, 2013

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

  • Use Master Settings buttons for Form Setup, Meta Tags, and Extended dialogs
  • Use Master Settings button in Page Markup dialog
  • Placeholder text is displayed in input/field and text area previews
  • Added support for high-resolution (retina) images
  • Added a poster frame option for HTML5 video elements
  • Placeholder text is supported for text areas
  • JPEG quality option for background images
  • Pass-through option for background images
  • Background Scrolls checkbox for HTML item background images
  • Document Setup doesn't dirty documents when nothing has changed
  • Fixed a problem that could lead to a "bad file format" error when trying to read a document containing link styles with background images
  • Removed the opacity fix for Firefox 2 or less in the Transition FX and Attention FX Actions
  • Links to anchors in the Create Email Action now work correctly
  • Prevented an error from appearing in the Transition FX, Attention FX, and Sound FX Actions when AppleScript is turned off
  • Fixed an output issue in the Twitter Follow Button and Tweet Button Actions
  • The PayPal Button Action no longer warns about fields that are not required
  • Increased the delay for displaying the live preview of the Google Maps Action
  • Google Maps Markers will only show marker info if a value has been entered
  • Changed the Town/Zip label in the Google Maps Marker Action to Address
  • Flash fallback in Video Extras Action now works correctly in IE and will fall back to images if Flash is not installed
  • The output generated by the Create Email Action now has the correct padding and spacing
  • The output generated by the Create Email Action centers correctly in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Headers in the output generated by the Create Email Action now use the correct color in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013
  • Highlight empty required fields in browsers that do not handle HTML5 required fields with the Send Form Action
  • Add a spam trap for the Send Form Action
  • Added Australian dollars and all three Scandinavian currencies to the PayPal Button Action
  • The Poster Frame option has been removed from the Video Extras Action to allow the option in the Inspector palette to be used
  • The Town/Zip field in the Google Maps Action is now called Address
  • The Relative Page Layout Action now forces the page to always be the same height as the content
  • Moved the CSS Menu styling so it no longer overrides custom styling added through markup
  • The Google Maps Action now features an Extended Options button that allows further customization of maps
  • Removed an unnecessary height value form the Create Email Action
  • Added support for page background images in Outlook 2007, 2010, and 2013 to the Create Email Action
  • fwElementStyle will return correct values for properties using shorthand
  • fwBigPrompt returns empty strings correctly
  • Form Setup Hidden/Extended tabs have an "Add" button instead of a "New" button (consistent with other dialogs)
  • The Graphic Wrap value isn't discarded when you open a saved document
  • Fixed an issue where the Inspector palette would fail to draw correctly after it had been closed and reopened
  • The Rename Page dialog is no longer a confusing jumble
  • The Publish Problems dialog can be cancelled with the escape key
  • Increased maximum custom margin size to 2048px
  • Double-clicking item handles has the same behaviour as double-clicking the item
  • The Modify dialog shows the correct modification date for images
  • Freeway doesn't display minus-zero values for skew and rotate in the Transform dialog
  • Fixed a master/instance problem with table cells
  • Changing protocols in Upload settings no longer clears fields
  • Freeway doesn't reverse skew values when the Transform dialog is OKed
  • Fixed a problem where setting port numbers in Upload settings could cause a program error
  • Graphic children of inline graphic items with content transforms are not clipped
  • Content mappings are reset properly when the content of a box is cleared
  • Fixed a problem that caused Use Master Content to be turned on incorrectly for inflow items that are based on master items
  • Fixed a publish crash that could happen after choosing Millions of colours for PNG graphics
  • Fixed a problem that could cause non-text content to be lost from inflow items that are based on master items
  • Use Master Content doesn't get turned off for inline ancestor when replacing graphic content
  • Freeway Express imports mp3 files as audio items (rather than "plug-in" items)
  • Inflow content isn't lost after turning Use Master Content on for a grandparent item
  • Fixed a situation in which placeholder text could be added to items that don't allow it
  • The Document Setup dialog displays the same "Large page" values as the New Document dialog
  • Undefined heights of video boxes don't change when video settings are changed
  • The Page Extended dialog no longer flashes before being displayed
  • Image boxes are dirtied after they have been updated from the Edit Resources or Modify dialog
  • The Delete button in the Form Setup dialog no longer overlaps with the Cancel button
  • The Document Setup dialog allows you to change image creator type to None
  • Palettes aren't hidden on startup if you quit Freeway while it's in the background
  • Undefined box dimensions are handled correctly with video or Flash content
  • Text reflows correctly when box is nudge-resized
  • The Relative Page Layout Action no longer warns users about HTML 3.2 pages
  • Inserted HTML items are given a minimum height

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