Adding an Exhibeo Gallery to Freeway

9th of June, 2016

You can add galleries created in Exhibeo to sites created in most major web design applications, but we've made it really simple to add them to Freeway.

First need to install the dedicated Freeway Action for Exhibeo 2 (called "Exhibeo 2 Import"). You can download it at the bottom of this article (you'lll need to do this if you bought Exhibeo 2 from the App Store), or you can launch Exhibeo 2 and choose "Install Freeway Action for Exhibeo" from the Help menu. Need the Exhibeo 1.0 Action? Get it here.

As soon as you choose the link in the Help menu in Exhibeo 2 it will make Freeway launch automatically (if it's not already open) and you will see the message "You are about to install Freeway Actions" - click OK and it will be installed and ready for use in Freeway.

Once you have the Action installed in Freeway, you can then export your gallery from Exhibeo by clicking the Export button and selecting "Export to Freeway…" or choosing the dedicated "Export to Freeway" option in the File>Export menu.

You will then be prompted to choose a name and a location for your .xbExport file. Choose a logical location for where to save this file as you will need to locate it when you want to use it on your Freeway page. You might want to save the .xbExport file (along with the .exhibeo file saved in the Exhibeo application itself, and perhaps also the original images used in the gallery) in a location alongside your Freeway project (so you will always have the related files stored in a convenient location, ready for making backups).

Once you have exported your Exhibeo gallery to Freeway, you need to go back to Freeway, go to the page where you want to use the Exhibeo gallery/slideshow. You can add a new standalone Action item in one of two ways: Click and hold on the Action tool on Freeway's Tool Bar and choose Exhibeo 2 Import (or Exhibeo Import for the original Exhibeo application), then draw an item on your page. Alternatively, you can go to Insert>Action item then choose Exhibeo 2 Import (or Exhibeo Import) to add the Action item on the page or to use the gallery inline.

With the Exhibeo Import Action item selected on your page, look in the Actions palette to see that there is just one single option (if you can't see the Actions palette, go to Window>Actions to display it).

Click "Exhibeo Output File" popup and choose Select to locate your .xbExport file. A preview of your gallery will be displayed in the item on the page to help you resize the item to suit or to fit the content.

You can now preview the page in Freeway's built-in Preview or in a browser to see it working. When you upload your Freeway file, all the necessary Exhibeo files will be uploaded automatically with the rest of the files onto your web server.

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