Implementing an Exhibeo Gallery in Sandvox

6th of November, 2012

If your site is created using Sandvox, rest assured that it's possible to use the HTML that Exhibeo generates to add the gallery to your site!

First, create your gallery in Exhibeo as normal, and Export to HTML. In the folder that is created, open the file called "ExhibeoExport.html". Copy all of the code in the box labeled "<head> Code".

In Sandvox, go to the page that you want to add the gallery to or create a new one if needed. While on that page, choose the menu option "Edit > Page Code Injection". Click on the "Head Area" tab and paste the code in the top field.

Go back to the ExhibeoExport.html file and copy all of the code in the "<body> Code" box.

In Sandvox, choose the toolbar option "Object > Raw HTML" and paste the code in the editor that appears.

At this point, you will not see the gallery because the files are not where the code expects them to be. For the gallery to appear on the live site when you upload it, you will need to use an external FTP client to add these Exhibeo files to the site. Unless you modify the code to call the scripts and images from a subfolder, you should add the contents of your Exhibeo export folder to the main folder of your site, rather than uploading the entire folder.

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