Freeway 5.6.2 Release Notes

19th of December, 2011

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

  • The Target Show/Hide Layer Action now works correctly when not connected to the Internet.
  • The E-Buy Form Freeway Shop Action no longer outputs invalid code
  • Tidied up the code produced by the PayPal Action
  • The Facebook and Twitter Actions no longer have an extra border in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a problem that prevented zooming into Showcase galleries on mobile devices
  • Links in the RSS Feed Action work correctly when the feed is in a folder
  • The Next/Previous panels in Showcase Actions now work correctly in Internet Explorer
  • Fixed a problem that caused scroll bars to appear in the Twitter Actions
  • Fixed a JavaScript error in the Showcase Action
  • Fixed a case issue in the CSS created by the CSS Menus Action
  • The Twitter Actions now have transparent backgrounds in Internet Explorer
  • QuickTime Reference Movies now play correctly on iOS5
  • Fixed a problem that prevented multiple FLV Player Actions from working with separate Resource folders
  • Fixed an Internet Explorer 9 compatibility issue in the Showcase Action
  • The CSS Menus default menu type is now horizontal
  • Updated the Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries used in the Transition FX, Attention FX, Sound FX and Target Show/Hide Layer Actions to and 1.9.0, respectively.

  • Freeway renames site folders on disk if their case is changed
  • Freeway no longer crashes when pasting a page when no master page exists
  • Freeway no longer fails to output form margins in external stylesheets
  • Fixed a hang that occurred when resizing an HTML item with padding, sliced background, and right-floated inline item
  • The Freeway trial can now be registered unlocking it for permanent use.

  • Will now use the original filename for exported files rather than renaming to thumb_x and image_x
  • Images will now be displayed with the correct orientation when originating from various different devices
  • Added the ability to save an archive which will copy the showcase document and imported images into the chosen directory
  • Preferences allow for filenames to be used as the default caption
  • Pressing tab or backtab while editing captions will now start editing the next or previous caption
  • iPhoto libraries with the "Copy items to the iPhoto Library" preference disabled will now be handled correctly
  • Preferences allow for the default caption to be taken from image metadata
  • Divider in the sidebar can no longer be moved outside of view
  • Position of the sidebar divider is now remembered across launches
  • Inspector palette visibility is now remembered across launches
  • Thumbnails are now exported correctly when the shadow offset is between certain ranges
  • Files that are missing from an external library are no longer displayed in the photo browser
  • Pressing escape while editing a caption will now cancel any changes
  • The user's Pictures folder will now be available in the photo browser
  • Selecting a thumbnail that is only partially visible will now scroll the thumbnail fully into view
  • When the thumbnail view is scrolled automatically, it will now include the caption
  • Files in external libraries that are not supported by Showcase will no longer be displayed in the photo browser
  • Pressing Return or Enter will now edit the caption for the selected thumbnail
  • Pressing the up arrow with the last selected thumbnail within the first row will now select the first thumbnail
  • Using the arrow keys without a selection will now select the first or last thumbnail
  • Will now resolve alias files when importing
  • Filenames or image metadata captions can be used for selected items from the Edit menu
  • Double clicking on an item that is already selected will now retain the existing selection of items
  • Pressing Fn+backspace or the additional delete key available on full profile keyboards will now also delete items
  • Supported files can now be imported based on HFS file type as well as extensions
  • Showcase will no longer display images in the sidebar if the files have gone missing
  • Included a menu item to remove captions for the selected items
  • Fixed a crash exporting when PDF files have been imported
  • The caption editor will no longer remain in the same place when resizing the document window or thumbnails

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