Graphics don't update in Preview

16th of September, 2011

Some users are finding that graphics are not being updated in Freeway's internal Preview. Some workarounds were to exit and relaunch Freeway (which takes a bit of time), or to use Preview in Browser instead.

We believe we have found a solution for this issue, and have a temporary fix for those that do not want to wait for the next update. This fix has been minimally tested and is offered as-is.

Freeway Pro users, please go to Terminal (Applications > Utilities) and enter this command:

defaults write com.softpress.FreewayPro WebKitCacheModelPreferenceKey -int '0'

Freeway Express users should use this commenad:

defaults write com.softpress.FreewayExpress WebKitCacheModelPreferenceKey -int '0'

Now when you relaunch Freeway, the internal Preview should update as expected.

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