Using Contribute and other HTML editors with a Freeway site

31st of August, 2011

There are now quite a few solutions for letting clients edit the content of a web site after the site has been created and uploaded from Freeway. The best ones to use with Freeway are called Content Management Systems (CMS) and you can see an article on this on the KnowledgeBase at

Other solutions - such as use Adobe Contribute, Dreamweaver or GoLive - will work to a point. However, there are two things you need to bear in mind if the client wishes to use HTML editor applications like this to make changes.

The first issue is that Freeway generates very specific code when creating functionality such as rollovers and target images - so it is not a simple task to go into the code and edit it so that new images are used. Doing so can often break the page unless the client has good HTML knowledge.

Secondly (and perhaps most important) is that the client needs to be aware that if edits are made to the site using Contribute, Dreamweaver or GoLive, if the site is uploaded again from Freeway at any point in the future, the edited site will be overwritten and all the changes will be lost. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you a true CMS should be used unless the site will never be uploaded again at any time in the future from Freeway.

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