Freeway 5.5.6 Release Notes

15th of April, 2011

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.

We recommend installing the latest version of Showcase (1.0.2) included with Freeway 5.5.6. Showcase now incorporates its own updating mechanism, and updates may be distributed outside of the normal Freeway release cycle.

  • Freeway doesn't crash after importing an image whose file extension has been incorrectly changed from .jpg to .png

  • German, French and other European number formatting is now supported in the Scriptaculous Actions (Transition FX, Attention FX and Target/Show Hide Layer)
  • The FLV Player Action now references files correctly when it's in a subfolder
  • Increased the CSS specificity of the Showcase Action's image captions
  • The Google Maps Marker Action no longer pushes content on a Relative Page Layout out of place
  • The Modify Height Action no longer produces a JavaScript error when the item it's applied to isn't published
  • Fixed a bug that caused Flash videos in the 4:3 aspect ratio to appear squashed
  • Auto-hiding image information in the Showcase Action now displays the image number correctly in Thumbnail Galleries
  • Fixed a layout problem in the Showcase Action when using the "Spacing and Columns" option in "Layout"
  • Fixed a bug that caused some images with the Link to New Window Action applied to disappear
  • The Target Show/Hide Layer Action now supports multiple fade durations on the same page
  • The Amazon Affiliates Actions now include the Italian store

  • Multiple changes in the Alt Text dialog are saved correctly.

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