Crash when using Freeway's internal preview and Flash Player 10.1 on Snow Leopard

12th of July, 2010

We have discovered that the new version of Flash Player (10.1) is causing Freeway to crash on Snow Leopard when previewing internally. Until we can find a fix for this, the workaround for people with Flash on their sites and the latest version of the Flash Player installed is to use Preview in Browser as opposed to Freeway's internal Preview mode.

Alternatively, you could downgrade back to Flash Player 10.0 if you need to be able to preview internally in Freeway. Directions for how to uninstall Flash Player can be found in Adobe's knowledge base (tn_14157), and the old version of Flash Player can be downloaded on the Archived Flash Player page (tn_14266). It is a little bit of a large download, as it has multiple versions. The most recent version that still works with the internal Freeway Preview is in the folder "10r45_2", and you can install it from the file called "flashplayer10r45_2_ub_mac.dmg". Downgrade at your own risk: Adobe does not provide support for installing out-of-date versions of Flash. We are unable to provide assistance for uninstalling/installing Flash Player, and provide this information as a courtesy only.

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