Preview in Browser doesn't work with Firefox 3.6

23rd of March, 2010

UPDATE: This problem has now been fixed in Firefox 3.6.2

Some users may find that after updating to Firefox 3.6, they are not able to Preview in Browser from Freeway. This is a bug in the 3.6 release of Firefox, where it is unable to open local HTML files that have a a space in their path (bug 530064). This problem should be resolved in a future update of Firefox.

If you are unable to Preview in Browser, make sure that there are no spaces in your Site Folder path. You can verify your Site Folder path in the Document Setup dialog from the File menu; you may need to change the names of the folders in the Finder and restart Freeway.

Alternatively, you can drag-and-drop the local HTML file from Finder into a Firefox window (not in the address bar but in the window itself) to open it. You will need to locate your Site Folder in the Finder to do this.

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