Freeway 5.4 Release Notes

14th of July, 2009

IMPORTANT: Note that some fixes described below refer to problems on specific operating systems or unique configurations only, and are unlikely to have adversely affected the user experience of the majority of our users. Should you encounter unexpected behavior at any time, please contact Softpress Support who will be able to advise further.


Descriptions and instructions for these new features can be found in the following articles:
  • The CSS Menus Action now supports centered positioning of background images
  • The path to the item that has been opened in the output of a CSS Menu is now highlighted
  • Added a splash screen
  • The CSS Menus Action now supports pixel widths and allows the height to be increased through padding
  • The CSS menus can now be aligned left, centrally or right
  • Added an AddThis Action
  • Horizontal CSS Menus now support undefined widths


  • Fixed a validation problem with automatically generated map areas for text in graphic items with links


  • The CSS Menus Action's live preview now fits inside the item correctly
  • Fixed a bug in the Sequence Timer Action that caused it to conflict with other Actions using the body onload event
  • Fixed a bug in the iPhone Redirect Action that prevented redirects to pages within folders
  • Prevented HTML pages opened by the iPhone Redirect Action from having the back button enabled
  • The Google Maps Action now correctly displays latitude and longitude values
  • The CSS Menus Action now use the line endings specified in the Freeway document
  • CSS Menus using unindented or unbulleted lists now work as expected in Internet Explorer 6
  • The RSS Feed Action no longer creates duplicate feed items on each publish
  • The CSS Menus Action now outputs the correct z-index
  • The CSS Menus Action now reverses the order of items when Right to Left is used on a horizontal menu
  • The background section of the CSS Menus Action is now hidden when the disclosure triangle is closed
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the CSS Menus Action from working on a page using the Vertical Align Action
  • The highlight current page feature of the CSS Menus Action now removes the link and hover effect of the current page
  • The IE6 JavaScript in the CSS Menus Action is now output on one line when More Efficient code is turned on


  • Added 6 new Actions API properties that return the onscreen values for the left, top, right, bottom, width and height of an item.
  • Returning null from fwDrawItem now indicates to Freeway that it should continue drawing the item as if there were no fwDrawItem function defined


  • Increased the filename limit to 127 characters
  • Fixed various problems where the site panel would not update correctly after performing an operation from a contextual menu
  • Freeway now creates sketched in-flow boxes based on the setting of the CSS Layout button
  • Popups in the Actions palette no longer have a grey border on Leopard
  • Round list bullets now display in Japanese localizations
  • Reapply Master now updates the view and scrollbars correctly if the page has had its size changed from that of the master page
  • Background image popup is now updated correctly when switching selections between items that have background images defined

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