Using the FLV Player Action

9th of July, 2009

It can be very tricky to embed FLV (Flash Video) files into your webpages and they will never display on an iPhone. You need make sure you have a SWF file that either contains or references an external FLV and skin/player, and you need to make sure these are then uploaded to the correct directory location on your server.

Our new FLV Player Action (which was introduced in Freeway 5.2) is designed to handle all of this for you - all you need to do is draw an FLV Player Action item on the page, choose the FLV file on your machine and select either a pre-installed or other player from your machine.

The Action will also allow you to convert your FLVs into QuickTime reference movies so that your video to be seen on the iPhone - which normally doesn’t support Flash. Simply select the iPhone Compatibility option and generate a version for the iPhone’s Wi-Fi and/or EDGE connections. Freeway will then create a QuickTime Reference movie and display the appropriate file instead of the FLV on the iPhone or iPod Touch.

To use the Action:

  1. Choose FLV Player from the Actions toolbar pull-down or from the Insert menu, and draw an item on your page.
  2. Open the Action palette from the Window menu if it isn’t already open.
  3. Select your FLV file from the FLV File pull-down.
  4. Choose the Actionscript level you want. If you want to take advantage of the fullscreen option in Flash, then leave the option on its default If you have a custom player you will need to choose the level that the player is using. Note: you will need to contact the author of the player for this information if it isn't already available
  5. Choose the player from a pre-defined list or select your own. Note: the Action only supports standalone FLV Playback skins - some downloadable skins will require the movie to be self-contained, hence edited and embedded manually
  6. If you require transparency to be used (the default background is white) then check the Transparency option
  7. Check the iPhone Compatibility option to display the fields that generate the iPhone compatible QuickTime files
  8. If you already have your QuickTime movies for the iPhone, then select them from their respective pulldowns. Otherwise, click the Generate buttons to have Freeway automatically create them for you.
  9. If you would like to use a custom poster frame, then select it from the Poster Frame pulldown, or leave this option on Automatic if you would like Freeway to use the first frame of the movie.
There is a movie tutorial on using the FLV Player Action at (Episode 15).

If you can't see the FLV Player Action in your version of Freeway 5, check that you have version 5.2 or later (by clicking on the Freeway dropdown menu and choosing About Freeway...). If you have an earlier version, you will need to download the update from (if you haven't registered your current version of Freeway you will need to do so at before you can download the latest update.

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