Forcing Flash to appear behind other content

24th of June, 2009

Recently, lots of people have been asking how they can make their CSS Menus' submenus appear in front of Flash animations on their pages in certain browsers (Internet Explorer mainly).

The reason this is happening is because Flash, like QuickTime, is handled in a container that sits on top of other content in these browsers, regardless of the stacking order in Freeway.

There is a way to get round this though, Flash has an option to make the container transparent. Setting this option will allow you to see items placed in front of the Flash object on your pages, including menus that should open in front of Flash.

To do this in Freeway:
  1. Select your Flash object and select Extended from the Item menu
  2. In the dialog that appears, click New...
  3. In the Edit Name/Value dialog that appears enter wmode in Name and transparent in Value (see screen-shot) and click OK twice
The dialog settings for forcing Flash to appear behind other content

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