Using Templates in Freeway

28th of December, 2011

Can I use templates in Freeway?

Freeway has a number of templates bundled into the application. They can be used by creating a new document and choosing template from the New Document dialog (this is the only option in Express). We have some additional commercial templates on our Marketplace. These are all Freeway 7 templates and are all mobile friendly (responsive).

Regular HTML Templates that can be bought on the web will not work in Freeway. This is because Freeway doesn't work with HTML directly — you would need to recreate the template in Freeway yourself. Because Freeway lets you build HTML structures quicker than any other application this can be done extremely quickly.

Can I make my own templates in Freeway?

Sure! If you've made a site that you love and can see yourself using the design again then why not save it as a template? We've written some template making guidelines that can be found here:

Guidelines for making Freeway templates

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