Putting a simple search feature on a website

15th of October, 2008

The simplest way to add a search feature to your site if you are using Freeway Pro 5.5 or newer is to use the Simple Site Search Action that comes built into Freeway. Details can be found in this Simple Site Search knowledge base article.

If you are using Freeway Express, or an older version of Freeway Pro, you might consider using the free service from Atomz, at www.atomz.com.

Register with Atomz, by clicking on "Get Started" and filling in your email address. Atomz will send you an email which you can use to log on to your account. You will need to tell Atomz which domain you want to use the search facility on.

Once you're logged in, click on the link in the "Add Your Search Form HTML" section to display the standard form source code. You will now need to follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the page in your Freeway site where you wish to have the search option, then choose Form Setup from the Page menu.

  2. In the Form panel, choose Get as the method, and put "http://search.atomz.com/search/" (without the quotes) into the Action text field.

  3. In the Hidden Fields panel, use the New button to create three entries, one for each of the 'input type=hidden' lines in the HTML shown on the Atomz site. This will mean clicking on "New", entering "sp_a" (without the quotes) for the Name, and entering the value specified within the quotes further along the same line of code (if it says value="sp10040d46", enter sp10040d46 into the value field) then click OK. Do the same for "sp_p" and "sp_f" (with their appropriate values).

  4. Now return to your Freeway page. Click and hold on the HTML button in the toolbar and choose Button. Draw a button on the page (by default this will be a "Submit" button) then, with the item selected, go to the Output tab of the Inspector. In here, change the Value to "Search" (no quotes).

  5. Next you need to draw a text field. Click and hold on the HTML button in the toolbar and choose Text Field. Draw the text field on the page then, with the item selected, go to the Output tab of the Inspector and type "sp_q" (no quotes) for the Name. Atomz recommends entering a value of 15 for Size, although you can enter the value you want to use.

That's it, you're done. Now preview your pages and, if you're online, try out the search feature. As long as there are pages at the site that you submitted to Atomz, you'll get a listing of all of the pages on your site that contain that search term. Upload your search page and the feature is ready for general use.

(If you want to have a search results page which doesn't have the Atomz logo or which deals with sites with more than 500 pages you'll have to see the Atomz site for details of their commercial service.)

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