Types of Actions and how to apply them

1st of August, 2008

There are four types of Freeway Actions which can appear in several different places in the Freeway interface, depending on how they are defined.

Item Actions

These are applied to existing items on your page. An example of this is a Rollover; an image is swapped for another when the mouse moves over it.

Apply the action to an item by selecting then choosing the appropriate action from the Actions submenu of the Item menu.

'Free-standing' or 'Standalone' Action Items

Like other Freeway items, these are drawn on the page or inserted from the Insert menu. An example is a pop-up list of countries, which can be added to a form.

Free-standing Action Items are drawn by selecting them from the Draw Action pop-up in the Tools palette and drawing a box, or added to the page using the Action Item submenu on the Insert menu.

Page Actions

These are applied to the page itself. Examples are a background sound when the page is loaded or a timed redirect that automatically sends the viewer to a new page after a defined period.

Apply to the page using the Actions submenu on the Page menu.

Folder Actions

These are rare Actions which are applied to folders. When the site is published these Actions will run on every page in the folder. Examples are the E-Shop Settings Action which needs to place settings on each of the pages that has an E-Shop Action applied to it.

Apply to the folder using the Folder Actions submenu on the Page menu.

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