Actions missing in Freeway 5

4th of August, 2011

Generally speaking all Freeway 4 Actions will work in Freeway 5 as expected. The one exception to this is the Scrolling Layer Action. An updated version of this Action is now available.

Using your old Actions with Freeway 5 Pro

To use your existing Freeway 4 Actions in Freeway 5 you will first need to locate the Action files in one of the following locations:

1)    ~/Library/Application Support/Freeway 4/Actions/
The “~” symbol means the name of your “home” folder, normally the same as your username.

2)    /Library/Application Support/Freeway 4/Actions/

Drag and drop any Actions you wish to transfer onto your Desktop by holding down the Alt key as you drag them (this will create a copy of the original). Once you have the Actions you wish to transfer on your Desktop, the easiest way to place them into the correct location is to click in the Finder, type Shift-Command-g then enter (or paste) the following in the Go To Folder dialog:

~/Library/Application Support/Freeway 5/
~/Library/Application Support/Freeway Express 5/

Click "Go", then drag and drop the Action files into the Actions folder.

Actions in Freeway 3.5.x are kept in a folder called “Freeway Actions” next to the Freeway 3.5.x application.

To use your old Freeway 3.5.x or earlier Actions with Freeway 5, you need to copy them to one of the locations mentioned above, but see below how you need to change the file name's suffix first.

Actions in 3.5.x required the suffix .act3 on the end of the file name, however this changed in Freeway 4 and above. All Actions in Freeway 4 and 5 need the suffix .fwaction. To change this, select the Action in the Finder and press Return, remove the old suffix act3 and replace it with fwaction.

Once you have copied your Actions to one of these places and changed the file suffix, you will be able to use your old Freeway 3.5.x Actions in Freeway 5.

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